Dr Kimberley Chawla is a NBE board certified Internist. She also has Diplomas in Adolescent health and Family medicine. She is a consultant at the East West Medical Center in New Delhi, India. She was a Flight Medical Physician with East West Rescue, Medical Assistance & Air Ambulance Service and is currently a Director. Dr Chawla is a Senior Aviation Medical examiner for the Federal Aviation Administration (USA).

Dr Chawla’s practice at the East West Medical Center and her active involvement with East West Rescue involves daily face to face assessment, long distance diagnosis, first aid advice, treating or evacuating mass casualties and also evacuation of sick and injured persons throughout the Indian Sub-continent, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia.

Dr Kimberley Chawla has published medical articles in Aviation medicine journals, travel health insurance journals, Readers Digest etc. Dr Chawla also creates health advisories and disaster plans for Embassies, organizations and soft targets. She has assisted in script writing the medical sections of a Bollywoood movie . She is also a Guru for Adventurenation.com. Since she has been with East West Medical Center and East West Rescue, she has been interviewed by TV channels, newspapers and magazines.



Dr Chawla has written the bestseller 'Travel Health: A Guide for the Indian Subcontinent' (Published by Penguin India. 2001), Co Authored 'Emergency Medical Services and Disaster Medicine' (Jaypee publishers 2001).

Dr Chawla’s ever popular First aid manual 'First aid for Anyone, Anywhere', is now in its 5th edition and is now available as a FREE e-book.

Her latest publication is ' Your Health Guide for the Indian Subcontinent ' and is the 2nd edition of 'Travel Health: A Guide for the Indian Subcontinent' which has been updated. This 2nd edition additionally includes tips for residents and also includes specific chapters for women, mothers and children.

Medical Publications

  • Diagnosis of Pulmonary and Extra pulmonary tuberculosis by using Kp90 antigen by ELISA. Dr K.P.Jain, Dr S.K.Jain, Dr C.Wattal, Dr D.K.Chawla.1995.
  • Dr N.P.S.Chawla, Dr D.K.Chawla. International Air Ambulance Journal, Spring 1998, pg 16-18. The Indian Experience.
  • Dr N.P.S.Chawla, Dr D.K.Chawla. Air Medical Journal, Vol17, No:4, pg 146-148 . Against all Odds.
  • Dr N.P.S.Chawla, Dr D.K.Chawla. Air Medical Journal, Vol 20, Number 3,pg 24-27. Experiences with transporting stretcher cases on long haul flights on commercial airlines.

First Aid Training

Dr Kimberley Chawla was the first to create private first aid programs in India. Dr Chawla’s (First Aid, CPR and AED programs) are conducted by East West Rescue’s Emergency Physicians and Flight Medical Physician and these programs are known worldwide for being the first to implement new guidelines. East West Rescue teaches people with no medical training to save lives in emergencies and also offers complimentary training for orphanages, auto rickshaw drivers, police, fire dept, the underprivileged etc; in fact more than 1/3rd of its participants have been trained complimentarily.

Travel Clinic

Dr Kimberley Chawla advises patients regarding vaccinations and health – for both inbound and outbound travellers. Travel and childhood vaccinations are available at her clinic and the East West Medical Center.


Covishield (Covid -19 Vaccine) Meningococcal A+C
Gardasil Polio- Oral
Hepatitis A (Adult, Child) Polio- Injectable
Hepatitis B Pneumococcal (Adult, Child)
Hib Rabies
Influenza (Adult, Child) Tdap
Japanese encephalitis Td
Mantoux Test (PPD) Tetanus toxoid
Mencevax ACWY Typhoid injection
MMR Varicella


Dr Chawla has presented at conferences within India and Internationally on Emergency services, air ambulances and medical assistance in India.


Travel Health, A Guide to the Indian Subcontinent (2001, Penguin India) is an amazingly useful handbook for the domestic and foreign traveller. The smart format makes the information easily accessible and that is perhaps the book's most important feature. Chawla is exhaustive in her account, going professionally through preventive measures, symptoms, description, effect and methods of cure and palliation. It is difficult not to be impressed with a neat little volume which tells you about every ailment from camel sickness and dhobi itich to heart attack and appendicitis with separate sections on the needs of pregnant women and HIV infected travellers.

The Telegraph

A comprehensive review of health problems encountered in the Indian sub continent.. will also have a wider application for many travellers to the tropics. Dr Larry Skiba, NZ Coordinator for International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers (IAMAT).

As travel becomes more frequent and round-the -year for reasons that range from work to respite to recreation, a whole new host of travel-related ailments have sprung up. Travel health address this growing area of concern for frequent fliers and rail/road users. Covering an exhaustive range of travel tips-from pre-health checklists, vaccination guides to ways of overcoming culture shock, jetlag, scorpion stings, seizures and the most common, bowel hyperactivity- this one's an engaging read written with both the local and foreign traveller in mind. Highly recommended as a travel companion.


..and this one's for those struck by wanderlust. Worried about Bombay belly? Panicked about Delhi Diseases? Travellers through India have always had to contend with serious health fears. Now foreign and local travellers have a handbook on travelling within India. Chawla's a practising doctor and one of the main hands behind the East West Rescue, Indian Air ambulance service operating in India and a few other countries. Chawla has more than just passing knowledge of the hazards faced by foreigners travelling to India. The book is replete with anecdotes from her personal experience as she forewarns the traveller about the do's and don'ts of exploring India.

The Times of India.

A comprehensive review of health problems encountered in the Indian sub continent.. will also have a wider application for many travellers to the tropics. Dr Larry Skiba, NZ Coordinator for International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers (IAMAT).

Travel in India made healthy... Travelling in the sub continent can be a challenge, particularly for foreigners. Especially when it comes to health. Dr Kimberley Chawla's Travel health: a guide for the Indian sub continent comes handy on all that is essential for a traveller to know about, in specific regions. The book not only tells you how to deal with jet lag but dwells on that all important bit: how to avoid falling prey to the tormenting Indian summer. Besides, it contains a pre-trip checklist and vaccine requirements and an exhaustive list of possible illnesses and their cures. So, along with your travel bags, don't forget to carry this slim useful volume.

Hindustan Times

This is a remarkably comprehensive and useful guide, not only for visitors to India and the SAARC countries, but also for Indians who travel anywhere in India or the near abroad. Dr Chawla has brought together the safety and health needs in this sensible compendium, without the technical medical jargon, based on scientific medical wisdom in all conditions, situations and problems likely to be encountered by any one wanting to have access to preventive precautions and urgent alleviation of ailments.

.. .has covered quarantine and vaccination requirements, how to make safe drinking water etc. This book could be a life-saver, for those who would like to undertake travel in adventurous surroundings and also dine carefree.

Having spent half a century climbing and hunting in a life of wild adventure, I find now that if we had this guide book to read as company, we would have escaped many tortures and averted some tragedies. In fact, I would not have suffered frost bite, which made me spend a year in hospitals worldwide, and all the problems that followed. All our ad hoc thoughts, planning and efforts would have been so much better organized for smoother, healthier and safer travel had we access to Travel health for our Indian expedition to Mount Everest in 1962.

Mr Hari Dang, Padma Shri
Chairman, Indian Mountaineering Foundation
TASD, International Himalayan Environment Program
Indian Board for Wildlife

This book is a must read for every foreign and domestic traveller. It deals with all health and related problems that a visitor to the subcontinent can possibly face, with an emphasis on public health aspects like diarrhoea, malaria, fevers etc. It is a very readable, user friendly book.

Dr Bir Singh, Additonal Professor, Center for Community Medicine, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

The Hindu

This offers tips for the average traveller in India, both Indian and foreign, on health precautions to be taken and steps to deal with various aliments from jetlag to stomach upsets.

The Pioneer

Travel health- A Guide for the Indian Subcontinent- offers much standard information in easily assimilated form and is comprehensive in its coverage. It ranges across the usual travel associated disorders with each chapter tackling topics in alphabetical order, which aids in their discovery. There are useful information boxes, which will draw tourist attention to the possible hazards, the provision of conversion scales is a boon for those not too conversant with metric measure. The script is interspersed with highlighted gems of travel wisdom. The book addresses health problems found the world over but will appeal to those travelling to undeveloped countries and more adventurous locations.

British Travel Health Association Journal.

Travel Health, A Guide for the Indian Subcontinent : Recommended Book on Travel Medicine by The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH)



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